A rather strange dictionary is a work in which I reflect about society, about life, over large and small, over either or and both.

It is a doubting individualist’s longing for meaning and context.

It is about the internalized demand for efficiency, and the same time refusal to accept modern society’s expectation to perform and consume without thought. It is a mixture of whimsicality, sadness and anger.

A rather strange dictionary consists of sculptures in clay, drawings, embroideries and fanzines.



 I create things and while I create, I reflect about existence. What is it to be human? How can we organize our societies? What is death? What is the meaning with my life and the life of every other being? How can we use our abilities and natural drives without destroying our souls and our environment? These are huge questions that I keep asking myself repeatedly not to get lost in a world where appearance is everything. Since the questions are so large and the absolute truths are so few, I find it meaningful to work with symbols and compositions to capture the essence of my thoughts.

 I work with clay, embroidery and drawing. I make illustrations, patterns, compositions and doodles around existential themes that I want to investigate further. I like to work directly with my hands in materials, but I also find it interesting to investigate what happens when I combine ‘my artefacts’ using computer tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

 I find my inspiration mostly in storytelling forms; folk art, children books, fairy tales, myths, poems and literature. Usually I select one theme as a starting point. I begin work open to new ideas and whimsicality. The things that happen during the process and the insights I gain are central to the project, even though rewarding if the results make me proud and look appealing at the end.

I was born 1961 and this work, ‘A rather strange dictionary’ is the result of my second master’s degree.

I started out as a computer engineer and have worked with software development in many different types of business. I have worked both as a manager and as a programmer even though I prefer programming because of its creative nature. Drawing, embroidery and ceramic used to be my spare time hobbies until a couple of years ago when I decided leisure time is not enough and went back to school. Art instead of engineering this time.

 I live in a small house in Gothenburg, Sweden, together with my husband, daughter and our cats. This is also were I have my studio space at the moment.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments